Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pages flying from processors to printers to planes!

Oops, so sorry to have dropped the blog for so long! I warned you I'd be busy!
Quick update on my progress:

  • Orientation Guide done. Printing starts today!
    • The Orientation Guide gives a great overview of TEN3's history, goals and calling. If you'd be interested in reading it, let me know!
  • Principals Guide done, ready to be printed!
  • Integrity Advance handout done. Will probably be printed in California.
  • Writers Guide almost done. There's ALWAYS something to tweak with this one, so I'll probably wait until the deadline to stop working on it and call it ready.
  • Material Development Guide much the same as the writers guide.
  • Spreadsheet Essentials moving pretty fast. I'm maybe 1/3 of the way through it.
  • Computer Essentials--Ray is still working through his pedagogical edit. Less than two chapters to go! Then I have some things to clean up on it.
  • Bible course: George has it all written, praise the Lord! I've got to get to editing this one too, but it should go pretty fast.
  • Teachers Guide: Please pray for Anthony as he works on this one despite many interruptions.
So my keyboard will be smoking for the next few weeks, but I'm enjoying it! So excited to have my tickets to go back to Nigeria purchased. Praying for the teachers, principals, writers and editors the Lord wants to work with us, for adequately prepared material, for open hearts and guided steps. Also still praying for the Transformational Education Center, which we are seeing as more and more critical to getting the 2-Year Tertiary Degree written!

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  1. If possible I'd like to get a copy of the orientation and writer's guides if that's fine :) Kudos on getting so much work done. I'm proud of you, though if you need an external keyboard after your laptop's bites the dust just lemme know, I got at least three here not in use lol.

    How are things on the visa?