Prayer requests

The Lord does all things well, and works in us through our prayers. Here are some items you can mention to the Lord on my behalf:

  • 7 locations in Nigeria, 3 in Zambia, 2 in Tanzania, and 1 in Sierre Leone that have recently begun or want to start using our Computer Training Outreach. There is so much potential to bless the young people in these areas with transformational education, but there are SO MANY things that can derail a start-up school. Please pray that the Lord will enable them to start strong and continue, and for us as we help them, that our communication will be clear and our training really sink in and prepare them well.
  • The "Mini Mission Trips," now called the Laptop Gospel Project. That God will lead people to be involved, and that it will bless those who contribute and time, and the students who will learn on the laptops. See "Mini Mission Trips and a free Puppy!" for details.
  • Communication with our African partners. We are working with school administrators, teachers, curriculum writers and editors in Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Zambia, Sierre Leone, Tanzania, and more. Calls are expensive and internet is often difficult for them. Pray for reliable and affordable communication, and continual connection through prayer and commitment in the Lord.
  • Wisdom and guidance in our curriculum development.
    • TEN3 is in need of a treasurer. Please pray for the Lord to bring a willing volunteer to help us in this.
      • Pray for me as I seek prayer and financial partners:
        •  That the Lord will bring the right relationships into place, that I will have joy and encouragement in this process, and that I will be a blessing to others. 
        • For me to arrive at my full financial support so that I can continue in full-time service and have our family needs met. (See my financial needs page.)

      Thank you! May praying for me bless your relationship with the Lord.