Monday, July 25, 2011

Rejoice with me!

Well, I got the last courses exported Saturday night. It looks like I may have to redo the Computer Essentials ones--a few little mistakes, but still, I like it looking really good. Still, it's such a relief to have the big haul behind me.

I just got an e-mail from Travel the World Visas that my visa got shipped via FedEx today, and should be delivered Wednesday.

I've gotten word that we will be staying in a facility where we can all be in the same building, no more than two to a room (as the only woman going, I'll get my own apartment), close to ECWA headquarters, at a pretty good price. It sounds like it might even have running water!

Ruth replied to my e-mail; she got the material I sent her and is eager to help us with our conference.

Happy, happy, happy dance!!!

The team at the Colvins (Debbie Colvin is the lady in pink; David took the picture) for supper. Karogo, Nigeria

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shoot a cow.

That's a fun saying I picked up from Ruth, whom I can hardly wait to see in two weeks. She said it whenever things went wrong, and I thought, "I like it! It sounds Texan!"

The good news is that I have only one course left to publish. Everything that needs to be printed in Charlotte has been printed, and the things to be printed in California are in the works.

The bad news is sometimes these books fight me every update. I've read through and edited every subdocument, and have skimmed through the master document, fixing the settings and layout. Then as I skim through for a final check before exporting the PDF, I discover an error--a blank paragraph, a missing letter on a prominent heading or something. So I open the subdocument, fix it, and update the master document. Then I begin to scroll through again and realize that the update caused at least one graphic to disappear. I re-update hoping that will bring it back. It does; but now a cross-reference that was working fine the last 10 updates now points to the wrong place, and I know from experience that there's nothing to be done but get rid of the reference and do a hand-typed substitute. Then of course, I have to update again and make sure nothing has messed up this time...

I'm sure there's a spiritual application to this. And it probably has to do with the sanctification process of humans, how we can grow so much in the Lord and still never arrive at a pure heart in this life...always finding corrupted fibers that are so intertwined in our making that there is no scrutinizing how far their effects go.

Pandora just played "The Old Rugged Cross" for me. How appropriate to my train of thought, the compulsion to die daily...
with which I am well content, for as surely as this course will be published, I will be found sincere and blameless for the day of Christ, having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God (Philippians 1:11).

Friday, July 1, 2011

Frustration pacified

Well, things are looking a bit more encouraging for my visa! I finally was able to talk to a rep of the company that processes the payments and learned that the way the money orders are supposed to be made out has changed and they will be sending mine back. So I've sent them another one, and hopefully they will process it quickly! Then I've got to get all the other documentation I need together and send it to D.C., and as long as they get it back to me by the end of the month, I'm good to go!

This incident really led me to wonder about the place of frustration in the life of a disciple. To what extent should the "do not worry" "be anxious for nothing" trust in God override the normal human reaction when we're trying to accomplish something very important to us and keep getting hindered to the point of considering drastic options that may still not help? The ageless dichotomy of relinquish and responsibility. Just another art my Father is teaching me, as I remind myself not to be discouraged that I don't learn it faster.

Thank you for your prayers. How I thank my Father also for inviting us just to rest in Him.