Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New frontier!

Big news ...

Looks like I'm going to Zambia in April! :D

A long-time SIM missionary to Zambia has followed TEN3 for some time and has even attended one of our workshops. He now has told us he has people ready for our teacher and administrator training, to start offering our Computer Training Outreach. If you're new to my blog, the CTO gives students comprehension-based, multi-platform computer training, and a study through the Bible as a story, outlining God's plan of redemption with an explanation of how to be saved personally. So Anthony prepared to go in April. Then he asked Ray and me if we would consider going. He said it would likely be worth it for me to go just to meet the people, get a feel for curriculum needs there, and record their stories for TEN3. But then I asked if with that I could advance my main job, curriculum, by training writers. So Anthony asked Gilbert, the missionary there, if he knew of people who may be suitable to help us with this. For helping with computer curriculum, he said no, but for Biblical Health and Life Management curriculum, a whole host of people cam to mind.

We just added to that the idea that we could do a test run of Mothers and Media, which would be a technology awareness seminar for mothers in Africa. This is needed because while technology is flooding Africa, especially the youth, their mothers are largely ignorant of technology's capabilities and dangers. A Nigerian colleague has shared with us some heartbreaking stories that I'll try to relate in later posts about mothers being taken advantage of or unaware of what is happening to their children. So, with this seminar, we hope to give women valuable information to be more discerning about the technology that's quickly surrounding them. We anticipate this will also greatly increase demand for the CTO because they will realize they need to be powerful and discerning users of the computer. I am sooo excited about all of this!

Which means that before I get on the plane April 12, I need to republish the Curriculum and Material Writers Guide, get some copies printed, set up any laptops I get to take to the teachers in Zambia, put together curriculum for the Mothers and Media seminar (fortunately, I can draw from some stuff we already have), prepare for the writers training sessions, get anti-malarial medicine, paperwork and travel insurance, continue to seek regular supporters, and of course pray a lot!

Please join me in this:
*Pray for the administrators, teachers, and writers who will join us at the seminars
*Pray for good communication--we'll have an American and Nigerian team coming in to a Zambian audience, and even when everyone speaks English, you're still not quite speaking the same language...
*Pray for me to manage my time well as I get all this ready, and for my support to reach 100% so that part will become a lot more manageable