Financial needs

I have been serving TEN3 as a volunteer since August 2009. In November of 2010 I was accepted as a long-term SIM missionary so that I can raise support for my various expenses. The one-time gifts have been great, and I am so grateful for all the generosity that has gotten me this far. The giving for the initial three years built up so that in 2013 I could start working full-time on that supply. Then in 2017, my regular support dropped and my reserves ran dry, so the mission worked with me for a figure that current giving could sustain, bringing in just a little over minimum wage for work that in a for-profit setting would earn at least $23/hour. My family is barely making it financially, so I have begun looking into additional work. You can help me be able to focus on my mission and my family by contributing to my financial needs:

Support (salary, housing, admin fees, retirement, taxes) and ministry (travel, communication materials, equipment):
$2158/month (1088 still needed)
Last updated 27 April 2018

Click here to give to my support account (be sure to type in my name and the number 033282)
Click here to give to my ministry account

You can also mail checks here:
SIM-USA Receipting
P.O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241.
Specify that it is for JennyBeth Gardner, Missionary#033282

Thank you so very much for reading this page and praying about my financial needs, and if God would have you be a partner with me. May your service to the Lord in this way bless you as it does me.

More info
Q: Are you still going to Africa?
A: I'm still taking short-term trips as needed. Kenneth and I are open to going long-term, if the Lord opens all the needed doors. I'd love to be there in person training people and meeting with educators to work on new curriculum, but so far it still has not worked out for me to do so, and of course now Kenneth would have to have work there as well. We know God will work though His people wherever we are, so we continue to pray and watch, and do what is before us today.

Q: Which account is it better to give to?
At this point, they can both be used for the same things, so it matters little. But I think specifying "support" makes things a little easier for SIM's accounting, so I'd recommend support.

Q: I want to support you regularly, but I'm afraid I'll forget. Can I set up automatic regular giving?
A: Certainly. If you follow the link above to give online, after you have entered the payment information you can specify that it is monthly or quarterly or whatever. You can also do it by mail, if you mail in the first check and request for a form for regular giving. They will send you a form you can fill out and return with a voided check.

Q: Do donations go strictly to you, or does some go to the organization?
A: About 13.6% of my support and 5% of my ministry funds go to SIM for administration purposes. And that's good thing! SIM has had such longstanding effective ministry in part because they take very good care of their missionaries. Without all this administrative help, we as missionaries would be much more burdened by the legal restrictions, spiritual struggles, logistics, and preparation challenges and seriously hindered in ministry.