Wednesday, July 12, 2017


TEN3 is currently working on a Moodle platform for delivering our training. This isn't for students yet, but rather for those who want a TEN3 educational center in their communities, to be certified as an administrator, teacher, technician, or writer. We're being upfront that this will be a commitment of 500 hours, so it would probably take at least a year to finish. Putting it all on Moodle will, we hope, break it down into clear steps that they can see, and so that progress can be tracked easily.

What kind of training to do they go through? The first assignment, after reading an explanation of TEN3's educational model and principles, is to critique our CTO so they see comprehension-emphasizing, mastery-learning, discipleship-driven curriculum firsthand, getting benefits themselves from the chronological Bible study and probably some computer principles they haven't seen before, as well as giving us valuable feedback.

They also get a lot of training on what it means to be a discipler, a teacher who, as George MacDonald puts it, seeks to "lead them to the very Truth, to the Master Himself, of whom alone they can learn anything, who will make them know in themselves what is true by the very seeing of it."

They also review our Families and Media material on the role that technology plays in the war for our minds. They learn about the TEN3 vision, how we are not just trying to start schools, but to empower people to change their whole educational system. They are also mentored through Imitation of Christ and Practice of the Presence of God.

But we are also considering now how to incorporate a mutual commitment to spiritual disciplines. After all, transformation doesn't just happen with filling one's head with good materials. It also requires practice seeking and submitting to God. Anthony has shared a good quote on how the Christian life is not something we "try," but something that requires dedicated training like an athlete. Christie provided us with a good guide to get started. Please pray that we implement it wisely and be faithful in this aspect of training. Pray that it all be effective in building teams that are strong in wisdom and faith who will be effective in implementing transformational education in their communities.