Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remember our siblings who suffer

I'd like to take this week to ask for prayer for a partner. Rev. Samuel Kargbo is a pastor in Sierra Leone who contacted us about starting a computer school to minister to the youth in his village. It's a dream fit, because our program is designed just to help a community like his start a small but effective school affordably and grow. However, soon after he started correspondence with Ray, our New Ministries Coordinator, ebola hit his village. They have been weeks in basically quarantine, trying desperately to contain the ravaging disease. He recently wrote Ray,

Your mails always give me joy and hope that my family has a host of brethren praying for us, especially during this horrible time of Ebola Virus epidemic.

We are employing your indulgence to remember the Ebola virus victims in your daily prayers. Some homes guaranteed are not properly taken care of. No adequate provision of food items and not even a proper security. A lot of them go out with in search of food, thereby passing the virus with those that they come in contact with in the public transport buses, in the market ...€ because they are not secured and no adequate food provided.

We have some kids that have become orphans as their parents have died from the Ebola virus disease. We also have some widows and widowers. The ebola virus has actually caused a lot of trouble among our people. Our small congregation lost five people, one man, two women and two kids.

Sam and his family have been experiencing illnesses which they cannot get treated because everything is being poured into stopping ebola. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia as they continue to suffer and strive for life. May the Lord rescue them from the hand of the evil one who attacks them with this disease, and then I pray for an opportunity to give them a chance for something better, power to implement long-term improvements in every facet of life, with TEN3 education.

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