Monday, July 25, 2011

Rejoice with me!

Well, I got the last courses exported Saturday night. It looks like I may have to redo the Computer Essentials ones--a few little mistakes, but still, I like it looking really good. Still, it's such a relief to have the big haul behind me.

I just got an e-mail from Travel the World Visas that my visa got shipped via FedEx today, and should be delivered Wednesday.

I've gotten word that we will be staying in a facility where we can all be in the same building, no more than two to a room (as the only woman going, I'll get my own apartment), close to ECWA headquarters, at a pretty good price. It sounds like it might even have running water!

Ruth replied to my e-mail; she got the material I sent her and is eager to help us with our conference.

Happy, happy, happy dance!!!

The team at the Colvins (Debbie Colvin is the lady in pink; David took the picture) for supper. Karogo, Nigeria

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  1. The Lord be praised, I knew you'd get it done! You definitely deserve a break :)