Friday, June 24, 2016

Training pastors

We were recently asked for material to offer a technology seminar for pastors. We're excited by this opportunity, because what better way to help God's people resist the schemes of the devil and instead use technology to advance Christ's Kingdom than by making pastors aware of these dangers and opportunities? The seminar introduces pastors to ways technology can be used to help their church, including Bible study software, slide presentations, online libraries (with principles of a good search), and how to use social media to advertise and make discussion forums for classes. It also discusses many of the drawbacks and dangers of technology, including scams, attention reduction, bad information, relying on the fanciness rather than the actual content, privacy concerns, and more.

But what about when they leave and later have questions? What about when the buttons change and the new apps show up? That's the best part about it--we already have the follow-up work ready in the CTO and its follow-up courses. They can grow their own technical experts by having members trained, perhaps in schools they start in their own church!

Please pray for wisdom as I add the final touches, and for the kick-off seminar, which is to be July 4-8. Pray that some of these pastors may be able to start CTO centers, and for the provision of equipment and electricity for that to work.

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