Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Problems as a hopeful preview.

Leaky roof.

Handles, screens, and glass missing from storm doors.

Broken window panes, with frames that don't cooperate in the replacement process.

Running toilet that led to the bathroom flooding.

Lots and lots of dirt.

Rodents in the kitchen and dining room.


Flat tire.

Headlights out.


These are a few things Kenneth and I been dealing with this first month of marriage. Has it stressed me out? Some, yes. But then I remember, this would be quite par for the course if we were moving to the field, with culture shock on top of it! That actually gives me hope, that maybe this is preparation for one day when we'll call Africa home. We still have no idea how it will work out--we have the willingness, but the way is still a mystery. It always is.

In the meantime, I am so very thankful, amid all the things to fix and do, to have a spacious place to live, the privilege of continuing to work for TEN3, and for a truly wonderful husband to share all this craziness with. And yes, he has been babying me this whole time I've been sick.

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