Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our newest (and possibly most vital) member

We are a network. That is, our ministry works by bringing people together who have the same vision and enabling them to share resources, experiences, etc. Communication is the lifeblood of a network. Without communication, you're just a bunch of parts not helping each other. That's why it's been so great to have a communications guy serve with us full-time this year. Matt Sabo has pumped wonderful stories and videos across Twitter,, the TEN3 Moment, and Facebook. These stories and info connect people, whether inquiring about how they can use our services or praying for us and the Africans we serve. He's also writing grant applications and working on a fundraising campaign, which is amazing because of course everything takes money, and raising money is something none of the rest of us at TEN3 have ever been good at. Like me, Matt attended SIM's candidate orientation around 2010 and then began raising his funding to make TEN3 his full-time job. Like me, after several years he had raised enough to be supported for one year, and so quit his previous job to go active last year, in hopes that being able to devote his full time to the ministry would enable him to raise the rest of his regular support. Unlike me, he has a spouse and 13 kids (yes, thirteen!), so I have to give him major kudos for all the work it takes to take care of them and raise enough money to provide for them while working!

Please pray for Matt and Julie as he continues "pumping the lifeblood" of our network with stories and info across media, and for their full support to be pledged.


  1. Thanks JennyBeth! God bless you!

  2. And technically it's 14 kids ... but hey, once you get past 10 or so it's all a blur. :-)