Friday, March 7, 2014

First Mini Mission Trip Sunday

Whenever I blog, it seems, is the only time I remember that I should have blogged multiple times over the last few weeks, but I got so busy with everything going on I forgot how much I have to tell :)

So for today I'll just focus on the event I'm excited about for Sunday: the mini mission trip. I'm taking my church on a 90-minute "mission trip to Africa." They're going to help set up some donated laptops into a mobile lab for a teacher in Africa to offer the CTO. During that time, I'll get to share how important it is to know God's story if we are to use the computer for His glory rather than let sin use it to rule us.

I'm a little nervous about the time limit--the mini mission trip was designed to be a 4-hour event, and while I am cutting out the biggest time-consuming part of the event, I have no idea if it will work out to take the proper amount of time or not. I'd appreciate prayer that we get through it with no unsurmountable glitches, and more than that, that the Lord will use it both to reach students in Africa and to bless everyone who comes with this experience with what the Lord is doing to make His glory great among the nations.

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