Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Struggles continue, but so does encouragement

We've been frustrated the past few weeks being unable to communicate with Christie in Nigeria. Electricity has been down most of the time all over Jos, internet is more unreliable than normal, and her phone is broken. So it's hard to know how the implementation of our programs is going, if they have everything they need, etc.  So I am very grateful she was able to join us for our Skype prayer meeting today, if only for twenty minutes before her connection dropped. But we need so much more.

Claude and Anthony also shared an exciting way we (TEN3) may be able to minister to local churches here in the US with seminars on the same things we teach our African partners - how transformation comes as we learn to obey all of Christ's commands (not just the ones our culture values). I'd love to be able to do this, as a way of being involved in the culture where we reside and hopefully strengthen our ability to reach out to Africa as well.

Anthony is tentatively planning a trip to Cameroon in July, followed by time in Nigeria in August. It would be really good if I could be starting my six-month stay in Nigeria about that time, so we could work together with EICSI on getting an accredited two-year degree started. That's something that the school and TEN3's programs both need. Please pray that if it's the Lord's will, Anthony's trip will work out and mine will coincide with this seemingly great timing. But He knows better than I when I need to go, and so most of all pray for Him to provide in the time and way that He desires to use. We commit all these hopes and "maybes" to Him, as He works out His glory within our broken plans and chaotic circumstances.

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