Friday, March 11, 2011

Well content in whatever circumstances.

Those who hear TEN3's history are familiar with the story of when Anthony was asked to start the best computer school in Nigeria. He planned on raising $30,000 for a computer lab. Instead, the Lord provided only $300 and six 10-year-old computers. But Anthony was faithful with what he was given, and from that grew EICSI, our computer school in Jos that has given about 1000 students an education that is hard to find anywhere.

That initial "planning huge" and receiving only a little to do it with has been TEN3's tradition. We were laughing in a meeting the other day about how TEN3 has a hard time bringing ourselves to do budgets, because in the past the team has planned thousands of dollars of expenses, and then went on living on the very little we have coming in. To be honest, that is one of the things that has endeared me to TEN3. I love this depending on the Lord for provision for every single step. I also appreciate the fact that it is faith that keeps us going--that's all we have. Our common calling is enough to keep us together despite living so far apart.

But we also recognize that if we are going to accomplish the mission we have set out to do, we are going to have to grow organizationally. The team tried to assure me the other day that I'll be in charge of most of the money coming in, but that's actually what worries me! More people and more money sounds like a recipe for trouble.

And yet I know that faithful is He who called us, and who continues to guide us. The God who has kept TEN3 going and encouraged with very little resources can also keep us true to His ways of love as we go forward.

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